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Data Model ddi-20061220.xml.
20060825 Combines M2_PHONE_EDITQ_8-16-06.xls and M2_SAQ_EDITQ_8-18-06.xls spreadsheets.
Key search now displays all var's instead of link to var.
Hyperlinks for vars in qstnLit, forward and backward elements.
Element catgry not displayed if catgry/catStat values are 0.
XML Hyperlink shows single var XML - useful for debugging.
20060929 Display summary statistics below category values.
Maps mnemonic to human label.
20061006 Presentation improvements.
XML codeBook has section mapped to var/@rectype attribute.
Improvements to document handling for sections.
20061011 Rewrite to create IDREF/ID in varGrp from spreadsheet.
Use varGrp for Table of Contents.
Remove section mapped to var/@rectype attribute.
20061013 Changed catgry catValu and labl for SYSMISS
Cached sections for quicker display
VarEntry now supports partial name search (but not wildcards). For example, search for b1sa7 or b1s (and make a sacrifice).
20061023 Added html and pdf to Table of Contents
Section PDF output
20061025 Foreward/backward links are now anchors if on same page
Cache HTML and PDF SectionData Files
Internal cleanup re-write
20061030 Previously assumed all sections had unique name which was internal key. Re-write to keep keys hierarchical internally and use hierarchical varGrp in codeBook.
Now pre-build section html and pdf files and serve up as static.
PDF transform removes backtick (`) which delimited links.
20061106 Integrate find and search functions on TOC page.
Changes to key and var display stylesheets to accommodate integration.
20061109 Fix bug where clicking a var in section display would redirect back to TOC.
Each section document has it's own title and not just "MIDUS Variables".
When a var is clicked in a section document that's not in the current document an attempt is made to locate the parent section document of said var and open that document.
Fixed issue from 20060825 (when SAQ and Phone combined) the <qstn> element was inserted twice into each <var>.
20061110 Change vardisplay.jsp to a servlet to allow outputting transform directly to stream. Now able to output complete document with *.
20061113 Using SAQ M2_SAQ_EDITQ_11-09-06.xls.
When clicking a var link in a section html file, if var does not exist and ends in number (e.g. b1sa6) an 'a' is appended to var reference before opening section.
20061115 Var display bug fixed which would throw a NullPointerException if it was called directly (no referrer)
Previous fix for appending 'a' in 20061113 was invalid since some variables ending in number exist (i.e. b1sc1 and b1sc1a doesn't exist). This was removed from vardisplay.xsl and moved to aggdata21dtd.20061114.xsl where all vars can be checked for existence prior to appending an 'a'.
The 20061114 fix was fixed further since backticks were inadvertently removed.
20061116 Add internal links to variables in PDF if the referenced variable exists in same section.
Modify page format to keep as much on same page as possible.
20061117 TOC for PDF.
20061120 Add notes and ivulstr to checkVarReference template during transform.
Add parameter switch to create two codeBooks - one with backticks removed for icpsr.
Check <qstn/qstnLit> before displaying "Question:" label.
Added explicit knowledge of Admin order so it appears first in TOC.
20061122 Add debugging switch to codeBook transform from Spreadsheet2XML class.
Swapped var/@name and var/labl so var/@name is in the headline.
Spreadsheet2XML would randomize the order of varGrp due to HashTable. Modified to use LinkedHashMap. Removed explicit knowledge of Admin order introduced in 20061120.
20061127 Spreadsheet2XML now removes MEAN and STDDEV from var[starts-with(@name,'m2')] in both our copy of xml and ipcsr copy.
Modified CSS in var display so var/@name does not overlap var/@labl.
Added Section number to TOC in both HTML and PDF (if not admin).
Modified PDF fo:block to right-just for "Pre-Question".
Change to PDF XSL to breakout var and import into multiple sheets.
Rebuilt all PDF and HTML.
20061129 Problem with varDisplay servlet not setting MIME type.
20061208 Create exceptions list for var reference changes (35 exceptions).
Modified WAR scripts.
Added trim function when building qstn reference table (e.g. ` b1pcd`).
20061220 Built with final data model.